Common Council: Golfers First, Taxpayers Last

For all the pundit and political talk and concern about ‘protecting taxpayers’, you would think that taxpayers are deities upon a pedestal for all the reverence for said taxpayers from the pundits and political class.
No where is ‘protecting taxpayers’ revealed as a myth, an urban legend, a fable, a work of vivid imagination, a peyote fueled hallucination than when looking at the governance of the¬†Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course. You can read the full article here (Golf commission asks questions, urges prompt action on rates)>
) .
As a taxpayer, here are the simple facts:

  1. The golf course is a public course managed for the benefit of its members above the interests of city residents. That is why keeping rates sharply discounted from other courses even when the course is losing money can actually be considered ‘the right thing to do’.
  2. City taxpayers directly fund the golf course. No matter how loudly golf members holler, the article makes it more than clear with an $80K general fund transfer to cover operating losses at the course.
  3. Note how none of the discussion or policies of the golf course are aimed at maximizing the value and return of the golf course to taxpayers. Nor is there any discussion on how to mitigate financial risk to taxpayers if the course should continue to operate at a loss. What matters first and foremost are providing discounted rates to golfers, everything and everyone else is secondary.


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