GASD: Administration First, Students Last

If you have any doubt as to where priorities lie at the GASD (DA’s office explains offer to help GASD):

There was apparently some pushback from an administrator to Liverio about her comments at last month’s board meeting, according to McHeard.
McHeard said he was informed by an anonymous person that Liverio was approached by an administrator to ensure any comments she makes at a school board meeting are “covered beforehand” and “cleared” with that administrator. He said the incident was unacceptable.
“You were never meant to be placed in that situation,” McHeard said to Liverio. “Give us time to remedy that.”
McHeard declined to discuss any specifics about the alleged incident or which administrator approached Liverio.
School board member Nellie Bush said under no circumstance would she expect Liverio not to be honest and upfront with any concerns or issues. Bush said Liverio’s comments do not have to be “censored” before coming to the board.


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