Council at Odds With Golf Commission — Must Be the Mayor's Fault: Mayor Thane's That is

In the least surprising development in the ongoing saga at the golf course (Majority of Golf Commission Resigns ):

Ritter and Karutis said their resignations were spurred by a lack of support from elected officials. However, Swanger, who is president of the Fulton-Montgomery Community College, said he resigned because he’s too involved in other things and “can’t give the appropriate time” required to serve on the commission.
“I think we’ve all had enough,” Ritter said. “It’s obvious that this current administration is not supportive of us, including our own liaison.”

As I discussed in my post yesterday, the overriding priority is providing discounted rates to local golfers. Period.
I only raise this today because according to our local pundits and politicos , the only reasons for this continued rancor over the golf course is not due to substantive differences over the best strategy for the gold course to remain viable and sustainable; it is not due to some folks seeing that continuing with a the deeply discounted rates creates financial problems that will ultimately fall on taxpayers to bail the course out; and it is certainly not due to the self-interest of golfers at the expense of taxpayers.
No, it’s really none of that. It’s because Mayor Thane always wants her way — she’s a dictator if you recall.
Oh right, she’s no longer in office.
No matter, must still be her fault; certainly not the usual politics and self-interests at play that explain what is going on. ┬áBecause we all know the last election was the end-all-and-be-all to politics as usual and the interests of the few outweighing the interests of the many. ┬áThat’s all behind us now.
Of course, it can’t be that.
So must surely be Mayor Thane’s fault. We certainly can’t blame the folks in charge now; no we can’t.

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