Boil Water Advisory for Parts of City Enters 4th Day

While this might read like satire, it actually is not.
Several neighborhoods in the city, including mine, have been under a boil water advisory since the beginning of the week apparently as a side effect of the water main flushing.
Typically, when water mains get flushed, we have the daylight hours with no water and then a short period of dirty water in the evening, easily resolved by running the taps for a bit. Overall, these are usually not a big deal, somewhat inconvenient, but hardly rising to something worth complaining about. It’s a non-event really.
With this current issue, I think it is something to complain about because it points to exactly what is wrong with the local pundits and opinion makers in our city.
First, if you recall, the city’s efforts to build a web site or even engage with social media were roundly dismissed and criticized by our local pundits, by no one more so than our august editors and columnists at the Recorder. No one was more so vilified for their embrace of the satanic technology of social media than Mayor Thane, deemed “Queen of Facebook” or some such pejorative from our very earnest editors and talk show pundits. So as we enter the fourth day of the water advisory with no current update as to why, what and when things will be resolved , we apparently are now getting exactly what the pundits want — no real-time updates or communication on what is happening. Indeed, it is a badge of honor by the new administration to remove itself from social media rather than embrace it , like the past mayor, as a tool to communicate when residents faced issues such as these.
Thank you pundits: please let me know when the town criers will be about on horseback telling us when we can stop boiling water. Or at least tell us when we may expect a letter, preferably delivered to us via Pony Express or perhaps, a telegraph if a rider cannot be found for the hills of Henrietta Heights.
Second, it is worth noting from this that our infrastructure does not appear to be magically fixed with the new Council and Mayor as we were so assured by the pundits would be once infrastructure had the right ‘priority’. Indeed, the very same pundits who railed against every nickel spent , regardless of its justification, remain mum on the Council’s and Mayor’s request for $5 million to resolve our infrastructure issues. Worse yet, the pundits predicted imminent bankruptcy for the city with even a dollar added to debt yet here we go with adding $5 million to debt and I still have to boil my water. And not a peep from the pundits.
I guess we’re getting exactly what a good chunk of the community wants — moving backwards from the reality of modern life today with is attendant technologies and information to the days past when you carriied jugs to the spring to get your water to drink.
And we get to see firsthand the demagoguery and empty rhetoric that passes for careful policy and planning from our very esteemed pundits and local officials.
To our pundits, the above is not a bug — it’s a feature.

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  1. Bill says:

    You mean nothing from the big wazoo, the high muckety, Mr. “I am the boss”, arbiter of art, and the carrier of the Villa administrative legacy? Three months ago those phonies at the paper would have been handing out torches and pitchforks for a march on City Hall to demand results and now they don’t say boo? City residents ought to boycott the paper and threaten to hold their tax payments in escrow until they got action. Shame on all of them.

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