The Undeniable Truth : Golfers First, Taxpayers Last

If you entertained any doubt as to whose best interests are being served (Golf Commission proposes rates, fees):

Beck said an analysis of comparable courses in the region revealed the city’s golf course is still “very competitive” are the proposed membership rates and greens fees. Russo said the golf course is still cheaper than comparable golf courses.
“Nobody likes to raise rates on anything that’s why they haven’t been raised in five years,” Ossenfort said. “Hopefully it will be well received and people will know that we really tried to do what’s best for both the members and the course.”

Let’s recall that city taxpayers paid out $60K to the golf course while all the while golfers saw no rate increases for 5 years and when faced with all the questions on the viability of the course and the need to grow revenue, the commission levies a laughable 3% increase in light of all that.
And then as a city taxpayer, you have a commission member pitching :
“The golf course that we have is a gem and it could be an asset to the taxpayers in the city from a financial perspective, but it’s also a tremendous recreational asset,” Ossenfort said. “We have three beautiful golf courses in this county and it’s something that we should try to do what we can to improve.”
So not only do city taxpayers have to underwrite lower than market rates for golfers , we have to support other courses competitive to our own.
I think the Council needs to take this to the next level: city taxpayers should be mandated to caddy for golfers as the that would befit the role of taxpayers in governance of the course.

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