City Receives $500K in Funding for Boosting Tourism by Converting Traffic Signals to Spanish & French

April 1, 2016 (Amsterdam, NY) — With today’s announcement of the $145 billion state budget, the City of Amsterdam will receive $500K to convert its traffic signals from the ubiquitous English red, yellow, green lights to rojo, amarillo y verde, respectively as part of its effort to boost Hispanic tourism in the area.  While the effort initially focuses on Hispanic tourism, the effort dovetails with a second phase in 2017 to attract more French speaking tourists , mostly from Canada, that will then see traffic signals also adapted to support French traffic signals a la’ rouge, jaune, vert , respectively. The initiative covers only lighted traffic signals throughout city boundaries only.
A public information and education session will be held on April 31st and June 31st at the corner of East Main and Route 30 to help local residents unfamiliar with Spanish and French to adjust to the multinational color scheme.
Crews will begin working on the conversion on September 31st through November 31st.

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