The Recorder Editors Newfound Love: Executive Power

Today’s editorial (Mayor should stand his ground on police budget ) is kind of interesting as the editors seem intent on pushing the Mayor to veto parts of the budget expressly against the majority wishes of the Council. Specifically:

Mayor Michael Villa’s decision to eliminate the deputy chief of police position from his proposed budget for the city’s 2016-17 fiscal year seems like a sensible idea, but not to members of the Common Council.
Culick said last week he was sure the mayor would veto the city council’s proposed budget with the deputy chief position restored, but Villa himself said he would “probably not” issue a veto.
We hope he reconsiders.
His plan makes sense and we think he should stick to his guns.

What’s utterly fascinating with this newfound advocacy and embrace for executive power vis-a-vis the mayor is that it is a striking departure from the editorial pages a while back under the previous administration when the editors railed against a mayor asserting executive power of vetoes against the then Council (editorial here) :

If we may offer a heads up: Every unanimous vote by the Common Council, threatened by a veto, is going to result in an override.
There is no need to waste your energy on surprise. It’s going to happen.

My, oh my, what could possibly explain such goings on.
Oh, I know, it’s simply Amsterdam media and politics.
And there you have it.

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