City Taxpayers to Bail Out Losses at Golf Course

From Mohawk Valley Compass (Council completes department head budget meetings, sets public hearing):

The golf course budget was left unchanged. The golf course fund is projected to require a $65,772 transfer from the general fund to meet its expenses.

I only harp on the golf course to drive home these points:

  1. The claim that golfers 100% fund the golf course is rubbish ; city taxpayers contribute directly as here and also hold any bonds for the course on the city’s books.
  2. City taxpayers without question fund the golf course and as such should have a say in governance of the course. The course should not be run without public interest in mind.
  3. When the previous Councils lowered and failed to increase rates at the course, it came as a cost to be picked up by taxpayers when it was more than clear that the revenues of the course would not be sufficient. So when you hear the usual cadre demagogue on and on about “protecting seniors”, “lowering taxes”, “too much welfare” remember that a good number of them are golfers who apparently have no issue with welfare if it means lower green and cart fees for themselves. And their concern for “protecting seniors” who are “going to lose their home from too much spending by the city” seems like an extra layer of lovely hypocrisy on the cake.
  4. Funny that the city never has a spare nickel or when it dares to spend said nickel, the presses and airwaves relentlessly bemoan and berate spending a nickel. How dare you ask for nickel for (fill in the blank)! Apparently we can spend 1.315440 million nickels at the course with no such outrage.


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