Local Conservatives, Trump Supporters Hail Cuts to Meals on Wheels

March 16, 2017 (Amsterdam, NY) — Local conservatives were delighted with the just unveiled Trump budget plans paring back entitlements to senior citizens with its anticipated cuts to programs such as Meals on Wheels. According to the Meals on Wheels website:

Meals on Wheels America is the oldest and largest national organization supporting the more than 5,000 community-based senior nutrition programs across the country that are dedicated to addressing senior hunger and isolation.

Local conservatives and Trump supporters who frequently champion the interests of seniors under their mantra of “protecting seniors” voiced strong support for cutting such programs as essential to protecting the senior population.
Nomelia Foroldfolks, sixth ward conservative alderperson, voiced her support for the cuts, “Clearly, we need to cut entitlements and stop funding wasteful government programs like Meals on Wheels. Such programs don’t actually help our seniors by bringing them food, making sure they have someone check in on them when they are often alone and isolated. That’s not helping them — that’s making more of them dependent upon an ever growing nanny state of federal government. It’s we conservatives  along with President Trump who are protecting our seniors from meals and social visits. You know what the “social” in “social visits” mean? Socialism. We don’t need that.”
Nationally, elected officials such as Senator Rand Paul touted the cuts to such programs as vital to restoring free markets and freeing markets from federal regulations. According to Senator Paul,”Look, the issue of hunger and isolation of our elderly is a perfect example of why free markets always work better than government programs. If these seniors could compete in a free market economy, they would not face these issues and we would not need the government to entitle them to food, socialization or the very least a society can do to maintain basic human dignity. These seniors don’t need to eat; they need to be free of government regulations so they can start businesses and then they can eat.”
Local snowflakes,  do-gooder , community-based programs did not respond in time for their reaction to the budget.

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