New York State COVID19 Trend – March 25, 2020

Thought I would share how the trend in NY looks for COVID19. So far, I only have a 1 day trend of data so I will update daily. The key takeaway is that the trend value (rate) impacts the total number of cases in the future as shown by the 7 day projection. Admittedly using a 1-day projection is not ideal (it’s problematic actually) but the point is that it’s not just the total number of cases TODAY but the rate of growth in cases and where we will be in the FUTURE (tomorrow, 7 days, 14 days, …) if the rate of growth does not decrease. So the 7 day projection is meant to emphasize the importance of the growth rate to thinking about policy. Data Note: the NY total figures don’t always equal the sum of the counties , not sure why.

NY State COVID19
NY State COVID19 Positive Cases March 25, 2020

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