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Parking Lot 1000

A prevalent meme in the city budget saga centers on the claim that hire of a director for the Community and Economic Development Department (CEDD) is wholly unnecessary; indeed, it’s claimed, that we have the city IDA and “the County” doing that for us already....


City versus Town

Dan Weaver poses the strategic question to development:¬†Editorial – Is the Sale of the City of Amsterdam’s Water to the Towns Contributing to the City’s Decline? Although I’ve hit upon this before (here and here), let me answer the question again– the answer is ‘Mostly...


99 Posts of This Blog on the Web

I’m going to revisit one of my favorite words in this post: ‘ennui’. I”m firming my beliefs that the state of local affairs is truly intractable– no matter how you try to advance a different framework or different policies, it simply remains the same. ¬†If...