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Local Real Estate — February 2010

Here are latest statistics from GCAR* (here): [ipaper id=28819093 key=key-2bge94kerkvt6shigljw] Overall, median prices up sharply and days on market down sharply. On a macro level, quite positive. *Thanks to GCAR for permission to embed.


Something in the Water

As the rules of logic and rational thinking no longer apply to development within the city of Amsterdam, I offer the following as evidence of what happens when you just move a few thousand feet beyond the city boundary (from the Leader Herald here): A...


More Cautious Optimism on Real Estate

New numbers and commentary on local real estate (here). Local realtor Robert Purtell: “I’m still cautiously optimistic that the market is improving and stabilizing, but I’m not totally confident that we’re out of the woods yet.” I’ll second that not because of any great insights...


Cautious Optimisim

I’m heartened to see a story on the local real estate market by The Recorder (here). A quote from the story: Robert Purtell of Century 21 Purtell Realty in Amsterdam said he has seen some signs that make him “cautiously optimistic.” I think we need...


Real Estate

New numbers out from GCAR (here).Montgomery County average and median now $114.7K and $110K respectively. The Aug 2008 to Aug 2009 change is -30% but the Aug 2008 numbers look unusually high so I don’t think it’s reflective of the real change.


Do Home Values Matter?

I’d like to draw your attention to this story and this specific statement in the story on the sale and future use of the Walter Elwood Museum (Recorder story here): The property also includes a lot that is currently vacant and is advertised on Pyramid’s...


Dismal Returns

Maybe it’s because of my dreadful choice for lunch today mixed with the local real estate reports from GCAR that I decided to take my lunch time and pull together some graphs on real estate prices by county. I know what you’re thinking now: “Flippin’...


Real Estate and Taxes

I stumbled upon this today (here) and it reinforces my general philosophy and strategy toward addressing local real estate values with some quantitative backbone. Here is the conclusion from the report with highlights bolded and  my comments in green within the conclusion: The evidence suggests...