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Council at Odds With Golf Commission — Must Be the Mayor's Fault: Mayor Thane's That is

In the least surprising development in the ongoing saga at the golf course (Majority of Golf Commission Resigns ): Ritter and Karutis said their resignations were spurred by a lack of support from elected officials. However, Swanger, who is president of the Fulton-Montgomery Community College,...


Know Your Role — Muni Edition

I largely agree with the issues raised by Mayor Thane and TIm Becker on why the Council’s actions on Muni do not serve the public interest. I’ve also posted on this a number of time before (here, here and here). As the Council seems determined...


KIckoff 2014

A few things: — Please check out Mohawk Valley Compass ¬†, the new online local publication. ¬†Wishing them a successful 2014 with their rollout. I am happy to see an alternate point-of-view in a more broadly distributed publication. — Golf Course : my oh my,...